November 2018

Posted on: November 23rd, 2018 by anne

The Vitality of the Seasons

 Here we are in latter part of November, with Autumn`s tide rolling right up to the very edge, flooding each cosy corner with colour galore. With revelations of rampages and riots, armies of rusts and rubies anchor themselves safely onto home territory. Bony brown twigs nest together with bright red berries amongst the November fog, a Christmas cake mixture ready to be turned. The aroma of a warm kitchen suddenly welcomes me inside.

The release of these secret encounters entices a seasonal chase down each avenue.

Anxious to see the light with the late spring, the sun proudly stamped in, a late developer, intensely strong with great stamina for the long haul.

The Royal Wedding in May provided us all with a new sense of fresh, bright and breezy. What a wonderful celebration! Anticipating what headwear would be worn by whom provided great excitement for the day. The Bridal headwear stole the show – the tiara being one of my favourite pieces of headwear!

The success of the new courses I have developed over the last few months has left a permanent “buzz “for these classes. An enthusiastic click on the happy smiley face with my plastic mouse. ”Energised“,  “excited,  “ and “delighted ,“ are now, “the new norm“. I look forward to writing new courses and repeating popular choices.

The phone call from Gok Wan`s team asking me to showcase a collection for the “One size Fits all “Catwalk show in November gave me the freedom to express. The sun, the smiley faces and Hats by Sherry shone like beacons. The wild white winter and scorching hot summer seemed to be the perfect source of inspiration for my new collection.