May Blog

Reflect, relax and refresh

New Year’s Day is often a time to reflect, relax and refresh. This year was no exception. Reviewing the photos from my late Autumn break at the remote Rascarrel Bay, selecting my favourite snap was like child`s play. Uploading the sun shining seductively upon the icy water, preserved that moment in time. Setting up my new Profile view for social media had been brisk, bright and bracing.

I must confess that by the second week in January I usually wish my blonde strands would freeze into Spikes and my body curl into a tight ball and roll into safe housing. Hibernation is not an option, so this year I went to great lengths to turn my negative thoughts of this sober month by utilising it`s very benefits. Long winter evenings embrace a snail’s pace, snuggling up away from the cold, complex conditions outside. How great to experience some space, solitude and the luxury of time! Reflection need not be confined to New Year’s Day. I got down to reading the books that had been patiently waiting, researched all my new projects and combined a detailed plan! Fast forward into February and there was still plenty of fodder.

March brought two special days of significance to me. On Thursday 8th we celebrated International Women’s Day. A chance to pay tribute to all the women who have influenced me, both past and present. Four days later, family festivities for Mothering Sunday signified this. I was privileged to have four generations of my family all around me. March initiated my “Mother Dear “collection, using the inspiration of the softest spring flowers.

Who would expect snow to carpet Barnsley in such depth on the third weekend in March! Confined once more I ensured my energy was to be used in the most industrious way. After all, in a week’s time I would be attending London Hat week 2018.