Magical Moments

Posted on: September 1st, 2016 by Developer

The height of the summer brings the most magical moments often just by taking stock and admiring the view.

For me, August brought the sunshine and time to gather my thoughts as I nestled down into my train seat labelled ‘Doncaster to Edinburgh’. Like a beaver building a lodge I surrounded myself with all the necessities, water, pen, paper and magazines! I managed to bury my I phone and I pad into my rucksack for another day.

The three hour train journey allowed me for a while to live ‘for now’ gathering inspiration as we sliced through the countryside, courting the shimmer on the North East Coast.

I was to repeat this momentum a week later, this time heading south, Doncaster to London.

Different reasons had taken me to each capital, but on both journeys I was to follow the glorious sunshine or was it following me?

Looking through my sunglasses I had periodically viewed not only the Northern Capital, but the vast landscape of the Scottish Borders and also by contrast, the magnificent view of the Shard which dominated the London Skyline.

I later reflected upon the memories of these magnificent landscapes and I started to visualise the Planet Jupiter within our Solar system, with my imagination now racing, I thought of life with all it`s complexities, a fascinating colourful mosaic.

Filled with the enjoyment of the bright, splendid scenery, it is strange to think that Autumn will soon be upon us. The fashion magazine I indulged in spoke of spicy Autumn colours and the new modern trends. I started to imagine rich textures, suede, velvet and felt, jotting down such ideas ready for the beginning of the new term. I love researching modern influences for my teaching and I am passionate about passing on traditional millinery skills. This colourful cocktail allows students to produce unique headwear which reflects both their personality and creativity.

As I start a new file and organise my projects for my classes ‘September 2016’, I am now contemplating my next train journey to the Big Smoke in October – London Hat week – I wonder if I will need my sunglasses!