London Hat Week

Posted on: September 23rd, 2016 by anne

London Hat week

Starts Thursday 6th Oct until the 12th October.

London hat week is a great opportunity for me, as a hat designer to get involved with what`s on offer.

This year I am taking an industrious approach in my choice of workshops that I am attending. My priority has been to look at extending my knowledge particularly of traditional millinery techniques and also sharpen some of those pattern cutting skills!

With lots on offer it has been hard to decide which way to go.

There is a suppliers’ fayre and also a suppliers’ walk, fabric sales and on–line selling: no shortage of sourcing millinery products to inspire.

The London Hat walk on the Sunday gives everyone the chance to parade in a hat if they so wish or if you prefer to unwind, enjoy the Hatter`s Tea Party or the special exhibitions.

I was keen to book my workshops early as I’m very excited about them. I take a peep to see what`s still on offer and hope I have the chance to try ones I missed, next time!

Sherry Richardson